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Prior to starting a furniture store business, it is very important to do some research and conduct a complete competitor anaylsis of other  furniture stores in the area. Many furniture stores have been in business for years, have loyal repeat customers and have a reputable established brand. You must understand that by starting a furniture store you will be in direct competition with well-known home and office furniture companies. Accordingly, you must be financially and mentally prepared. As with most businesses, initially the operation of a furniture store can be difficult as well.  Focusing strongly on acquiring and making a good impression on customers is key for a successful start.  A successful marketing campaign can be very helpful in that process.

It is important for a furniture business to be able to adress a variety of very specific needs of different customers. It can be very helpful for a buwsiness to serve a nieche market that is not served by competitors as well or at all. The dynamics of the community where your furniture store will be located is extremely important. For instance, if it is a developing town, you should think of opening a furniture store that deals in rentals. People will need to have furniture when they relocate into the city in search for employment or business opportunities. On the other hand, if the furniture store in a communuity where the average age is between 25-40 perhaps you will be better off specializing in baby furniture or furniture that is modern yet inexpensive to accommodate young familes.

Research as many manufactureres or whole sellers as possible. In terms of your suppliers, you should contact a few furniture manufactruers to establish partnerships, be sure to discuss procurement procedures and logistics. As the owner of the furniture store, you should contact different manufactures and inquire about their line of products and discuss how it might relate to your current or future furniture offerings. You may also want to discuss their terms of service. Be prepared to pay an advance fee while visiting potential suppliers.  They may require partial or full payment for products to be resold.

Apart from dealing with the suppliers, you will also have to conduct inventory and advertise your furniture store business. You do not have to be told that you will be overwhelmed and unable to do it all after a few weeks. You will have to hire outside help. When hiring employees, you must take into consideration the volume of the furniture store. There is no financial sense in hiring ten employees when you only need three. Your new employees must be excellent sales people or your furniture store will not be able to attract customers. For the furniture store to retain business, they must also provide excellent customer service.

Your furniture store ought to have a way to deliver a customer's good to their premises. Accordingly, you must arrange to either buy or at the very least hire a truck/van. Customers will opt for another furniture store if yours cannot handle deliveries. As has already been stated, starting a furniture store is not something you can pull off without careful planning. Begin by drafting a business plan for the furniture store and have it appraised by a professional. This will tell you if the idea is feasible or not.

A potential customer will decide whether of not to make a purchase at specific store.  A well set up and run store will make positive impressions on the customer from the moment they walk in.  Starting with the look of the store and customer service they receive.  The store space has to be easy walk around.  Custoemer service is important.  The customer has to feel not be pushed into a sale.  They have to be allowed and helped to make their own purchasing decision.  Such satisfied customer will return or recommend other later.



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