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When starting a company or upgrading your office, one of the most important things you will need is an office desk. Desks come in all shapes and sizes, whether you need a small desk for one of your employees or a large desk for the boardroom, you can always find a desk that will suit your needs. Desks also come in many styles and materials, whether you want an inexpensive pressboard desk, or a desk made out of the finest wood such as teak, or mahogany.

The shape of the desk you choose to buy can also vary. It is not uncommon for companies to use a desks made out of finer woods for reception areas and boardrooms. Desks that are L-shaped have the advantage of extra space that is easily accessed in one sitting position. Desks that are L-shaped and made out of teak, oak or mahogany are not only practical, but they look professional.

Also when looking at desks, there are many things to take into consideration before you make your final purchase, these things are:

1. Leg Room: Always make sure that you check all desks you buy to see if they have enough leg room, there’s nothing worse then getting your desk back to your office only to find out that you cant even use it. So before making your final purchase take a seat and see how it feels.

2. Surface Area: When looking at desks think to yourself, what do you use your desk for? How many things do you put on your desk? How much room do you need? In a desk, too big is obviously better than too small, as long as it fits comfortably and esthetically into your office. So use your judgment to decide how much room you have to use and how much surface area you actually need at your desk.

3. Outlets/Cable Holes: Some desks come equipped with power outlets built in for your convenience, while this isn't always the case, most desks that don’t do have holes drilled down through them where you can run wires from your various electronics without having a mess of cables traveling across your desk and over the edge. Check to see if the desks you look at have either of these and ask yourself if you need them or not.

4. Stroage Space: When looking at some of the more fancy desks, you may run across CD racks, cabinets or drawers. Depending on your needs you may want more storage space, or less storage space, remember that for every drawer you have underneath the desk that’s less leg room. That’s why a lot of people like cabinets for storage, or if they have a lot of CD-ROMs a CD rack. Again, use your judgment to decide what you do or do not need.

Once you have evaluated your needs, you are more then ready to start looking for desks and hopefully you find exactly what you need to suit your needs, after all you need is a nice chair to compliment your desk, and your set.


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